‘A Pirate’s Honor’ Hits 100!

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It was around this time last year that I made the decision to write three swashbuckling short-stories and self-publish them on Amazon for Kindle. I have fellow author-friend Jack Badelaire to thank and blame for this. Then in July of last year, I published A Pirate Honor, my self-publish debut and also the introduction to Captain Jake Hawking, a pirate who’s wit is as sharp as his sword. Since then, the other two Hawking short adventures have been published.

But today it’s all about A Pirate’s Honor as it hit a milestone this morning. It officially has sold 100 copies since it’s publication last summer!!!


Now, I have no idea if eight months for a new self-published author is a long time to sell 100 copies of a short-story in a fairly small genre, but I don’t really care at this point. Embarking on a fiction writing career is a long, endless adventure, and I’m stoked that I finally made berth and have gotten to this point. There are much more Hawking tales to tell, too, so look out for more (novel-length) stories with him, Little Queen, and the rest of the Broad-Wing in the future.

And to celebrate this milestone, I’m making the second Jake Hawking Adventures short-story , The Royal Bounty Hunter, FREE from March 10-14.

For now, though, thanks to all 100 readers for purchasing a copy of the story. You’re helping make a dream come and I hope you all enjoyed the tale.

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  • {V}


    Congrats, Justin.


  • Chris La Tray


    Congrats! You just hit 101 at least too, because I just bought a copy. I since the 2nd one is free, I bought the 3rd as well. I figure any friend of Jack’s is a friend of mine. Looking forward to reading them!


    • Justin


      Appreciate it, Chris. Jack’s a good friend of mine and gave me the little push I needed to self-publish.

      Hope you enjoy the stories! Let me know what you think. 🙂


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