Are you a pirate or pirate hunter?

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A question all swashbucklers need to answer — to raise the black flag or tear it down — but sometimes the lines between good and evil isn’t so obvious.

Such are the first three stories of the first three Jake Hawking Adventures I published last summer.

For a little marketing fun, I decided to create some Wanted posters for Jake Hawking and Little Queen, taking some of the earlier cover drafts my cover artist Peter Simeti sent me and manipulating it to look like a wood cutout print. Not bad, eh?

Anyways, feel free to save these images and pass them around the web. Click for full-size (they’re big… you could probably even print them out).

JakeHawking-WantedPoster-Large LittleQueen-WantedPoster-Large

The Jake Hawing Adventures are available for the Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords.

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