Athos Teaser Vid for ‘Spectacle les Trois Mousquetaires’

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France is coming out with a new Musketeer theater show — Spectacle les Trois Mousquetaires. Looks heavy on the break dancing. It comes out in 2016 (plenty of time for me to save up to see it, I hope), but here’s a promo vid of the guy playing Athos.

If you’re in France, you can probably watch a better version of the video here. I’m just a silly ol’ American not allowed to watch the vid on their actual site. /pouts

Lots of great moments in this vid… like the Assassin Creed wannabes on the rooftops of Paris, and then them taunting Athos with some sweet, synchronized dance moves before fighting him with quarterstaffs.

Here’s the show’s official site.

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