Author update: Working on Hope & Steel II

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We’re coming up fast on the one-year release of Honor Among Thieves, the first book in the Hope & Steel swashbuckling adventure series.

So what have I been up to since then?

For starters, looking for a new day job. Just started the new gig this past January (a much needed change) and am enjoying myself. Now that the stress of job hunting is over, I can concentrate on writing again.

Honor Among Thieves book coverI can’t write when stressed and job hunting was a full-time job on top of the actual full-time job. Being an indie-author is also a full-time job. Three full-time jobs doesn’t end well, so when Honor Among Thieves was released I had to shift gears to job hunting.

But with the heavy burden lifted off my slender shoulders, I’ve been able to shift my focus back on writing. I’ve started book two of Hope & Steel (still lacking a proper title… or even a working title). So far I’m 10 chapters deep and just over 20,000 words. I’m close to wrapping “act one” up, which is exciting. I’m writing a decent pace considering how much time I have to dedicate to writing (spoiler: It’s never enough).

Of course, I’m not 100% sure what happens in act two, so I may hit a rut sooner than late.

I also have plans for other series, including a dark fantasy and a steampunk mystery. I have a decent outline for the dark fantasy series (this book actually has a solid working title), so I may shift gears to that while I plot out the second act of Hope & Steel II.

…I really need more time to write…

Speaking of steampunk, Michael Bailey and myself teamed up for another table sharing to sell and sign books at the OtherWhere Market which was part of Lowell, MA’s steampunk festival. It was pretty low key but fun. Met some cool folks and saw some dapper outfits. It was good times.


Back to writing!

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