Awesome videos for the Mousquetaires! Exhibit in Paris

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Above is the trailer for Musée Armée’s Mousquetaires! exhibit in Paris which had me drooling like my dog in front of the computer for two-plus minutes. So many pretty swords, armor, and outfits.

The interviews are all in French, so if you’re like me and don’t recall too much from your high school French classes, you’ll need a translator to get everything you can out of the video. Even so, you can still bask in the amazing shots and knowing this exhibit exists.

Musée Armée’s Youtube page has some other fun videos promoting the musketeer exhibit, showing off a musketeer fencing salon-esque drill session, some stage combat, and a portrait of Jean de Gassion.

The museum’s Facebook page also has a pretty cool album showing off parts of their musketeer exhibit.

I guess the question really is who is coming with me?

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