BBC teases fans with first ‘The Musketeers’ action shot

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BBC The Musketeers Action Shot

The BBC just released this image recently, the first on-set shot from their up-coming action-drama The Musketeers slated to come out in 2014.

Writer and creator Adrian Hodges says: “I’m thrilled we can finally release the first image since wrapping filming on The Musketeers. I hope the picture gives a good idea of the look and intensity of the Musketeers themselves, and a hint of the excitement of each powerful, dramatic and action-filled episode.”

Here’s a wider look of the shot.


Like I’ve said before, the costumes are suspect , but BBC does drama pretty well, so as long as the story and action is good I can put away my costumer nerd critic and enjoy. We haven’t seen much footage but the cinematography looks pretty stylized with some higher contrast and “moody” filters (for a lack of a better phrase, but that’s what comes to mind).


three-musketeers-bbc4The Musketeers is a 10-part drama (hour long each). As a huge musketeer fan, I’m stoked to see what comes of this. It’s obviously nothing like the black and white adaption BBC did decades ago (which is the best book to film adaption for 3M you’ll find), but I’m trying to stay optimistic anyways. I mean… I own a lot of awful musketeer movies and enjoy them, so I’m sure this will be fine.

Musketeer main cast: D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles)

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