Because people have been making funny cat pictures for ages

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Sebastian Vranckx, Flemish Baroque painter, is best known for his paintings of biblical scenes and battle scenes, such as the sackings, and cavalry clashes. But when not showing the brutal scenes of war, he apparently took to drawing cats and monkeys as musketeers. Here’s his painting Singerie: Uniformierte Affen in einer Wachstube verhaften eine Katze, rechts Affen beim Backgammonspiel (aka: Uniformed monkeys in a guardroom arrest a cat, right monkeys play backgammon).

This really leaves a lot of unanswered questions, such as:

  • How does history not remember the Great Cat-Monkey War of the 17th Century?
  • Did the Dogs ally with the Monkeys against their nemesis, the Cats?
  • How much poo was flung?
  • Did this painting inspire Monkey Sword Fight?
  • Why are some Monkeys wearing pants but not others?
  • Where the hell is Ceiling Cat?

This just goes to show you that our modern day Internet memes and silly cat obsession isn’t all that new to the Internet… just, perhaps, more widespread.

H/T to my friend Luke for sharing this beauty with me.

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