Behind-the-Scenes look at indie-film ‘Waken’ (Video/Photos)

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As is par for the course, this past weekend I woke up butt-early for another indie-film shoot. I did two movies last summer — playing a pirate for Tattered Flag and Essential Realism — and 2014 is more of the same, but instead of a pirate I got to play a colonial highwayman for the indie-movie Waken!

…Listen, sometimes I like to branch out from being a thuggish pirate to a thuggish highwayman…

We shot up at the historic and beautiful Pioneer Village in Salem, MA. It went really well, though I learned that I need to invest in some wool socks if I plan on doing more fights in the snow. Despite the numb toes, it was a great time to shoot and fight with friends (phrasing). I took some behind-the-scenes footage to recap the day. Alas, it was so cold outside that my iPhone battery died, so I didn’t get a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of us actually fighting, but I did get some. So enjoy:

Photos after the jump…

Before the filming began, Kate and I stopped by some of the wooden houses for a quick, impromptu photoshoot (click for full-size).

A cold reckoning

Snowy Swashbuckler

Snow and Steel

Boy do I love that outfit. Can I just wear it every day?

And Lara (our director) was also able to snag some awesome still images from the fight scenes.

Highwaymen ambush

Highwaymen couple

About Waken:
Produced by Chaos Theory Films, Waken is a ghost story based on a traditional Japanese folk tale that has been adapted to early 18th century colonial America. It is set, and will be filmed in Salem.

For more information on Waken and to keep up on the films latest happenings, visit the movie’s Facebook page.

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