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This past weekend was the New England Pirate Faire up at Pioneer Village in Salem, MA. It’s a great location for a small pirate festival, and it’s where I did some fight work in the freezing snow for Waken.

I acted/fought and did music with the NEPF and Pastimes crew for a few years, so I have a lot of friends in the cast and crew. Not to mention the fiancee was acting in it this year, so definitely wanted to make the trip up there. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, alas, the traffic no so much, so I ended up missing Kate’s big death scene. However, I did watch it on someone’s phone, so there’s that.

Me and Kate!

As always, it was good catching up with my faire and acting friends who I don’t get to see too often because work, life, aliens. You know. The usual.

I decided to go in my Edward Kenway costume this year because I worked damn hard on that costume and any excuse to put it on is A+ in my book. Even had one little kid say “Has anyone said your outfit looks good enough to win the costume contest?” Sweet kid, though it was the children’s costume contest. When I said I thought I was too old for it he said I looked 18. Thanks, dude.

Had to snatch a picture with my buddy Johnbarry as Blackbeard because 1) He makes an amazing Blackbeard and 2) Kenway and Blackbeard are buds in Assassin’s Creed IV, so it works in both instances.


Kenway & Blackbeard. United again


Of course, I wouldn’t be a good assassin/pirate if I didn’t complete some contracts. First off we got me taking down my buddy Dan for unknown reasons… he keeps getting me fight work for indie movies, so maybe this wasn’t a great plan in hindsight…


“You said what!?”

Also got a chance to catch up with the hilarious and talented Dueling Fools. If you ever get a chance to see their show at a RenFaire in your area, do yourself a favor and do it. And also toss $20 into their codpiece (you read that right). I haven’t seen them since they and my band/duo at the time worked at the Connecticut Renaissance Festival, so it was nice to talk to those guys and see how they’re doing. Mostly we nerded out over video games, but apparently their rival fight groups feel threatened as they, too, were on my assassination list…

"Did you hear anything?" "Yea, I think it came from over there."

“Did you hear anything?” “Yea, I think it came from over there.”

Achievement Unlocked!

Achievement Unlocked!

Those Fools have several lives, I guess. Also my hair just wouldn’t stay in a pony tail like in the game.

Really, there’s not much point to this post other than I wanted to share some photos of a fun weekend. Wish I was able to snag some more.

Thursday I’m off for a week of camping and fencing at Pennsic before returning to Boston in time for Boston Comic Con. So expect more pics of me in silly costumes soon.

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