Boston Comic Con 2014 Recap

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So like the crazy person I am, I got back from a week+ vacation at Pennsic and headed, literally, right from my apartment to Boston Comic Con with Kate for a weekend of cosplay and nerd euphoria. My feet wanted nothing more than to have a few days off and sitting on the couch, but my feet had no say in the matter.

Technically, my 2014 Boston Comic Con started before I took off for Pennsic. At Faneuil Hall, there was a pre-con cosplay parade and contest. Despite my love for costumes and contests, I’ve never been part of a cosplay contest before. It’s always been just a hobby and knowing my competitive side, I figured it was best to stand clear. But I had the day off and wanted an excuse to wear my Edward Kenway cosplay, so I suited up and hopped on the train to the gawking of many fellow Bostonians.

Here’s probably my favorite pic of my costume for the pre-Con contest.



The pre-Con event was a lot of fun. Got to meet a bunch of talented costumers and cosplayers, talk shop on how they made their outfit, and all around just have a good time. We were paraded around Faneuil Hall  to help promote the Con, and then were gathered to be judged into a final six. I made that cut, was shuffled into Dick’s Last Resort to show off the costume in more detail to the judges and be interviewed on stage. And lo and behold… I won!

Hooray me!

Hooray me!

You can watch the parade and the finalist interviews below. I tried to play it stoic and cool for whatever reason, but couldn’t help but give a little fist pump at my victory.

For the video-impaired, I was asked why I chose Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Answer for that was simple: I love the AC franchise and I love pirates. I was also asked to mention something cool about the construction of the outfit. Answer for that was also simple: There’s over 75 yards of thread in the leather vest and bracers, and it was all hand-sewn. Hours were spent chiseling holes by hands and then sewn. I have no idea exactly how long it took (I’d probably cry if I did). I just know I watched Man in the Iron Mask a lot… and other swashbucklers a lot, too. The host’s reaction to that answer says it all, and I think that’s what put me over the edge for the win. Yay hardwork!

Being interviewed about my costume

The t-shirts in the background… Man…

Coming in second place was the super nice and talented, Queen Helene Cosplay. That’s actual sheet metal armor on her Wonder Woman costume that she formed herself. Impressive!

Look at us being all awesome

Look at us being all awesome

And here’s a cool panorama of the finalists.


I ended up winning two VIP passes to the Con itself, which saved me a nice little penny. So, as I said, when I got dropped off by my Pennsic return ride Saturday morning, I ate a quick lunch and hopped right into costume. Off Kate and I went to Boston Comic Con!

Fortunately, Kate picked up our wrist bands Friday night. The line to pick up the bands day-of (even if you bought tickets already) was an hour long. Oof. But we got to walk right in. There wasn’t much in terms of panels that overly interested me this year and I’m not pulling in enough cash from the day-job to want to drop $40 for an autograph/photo with a celeb, so I just spent the day walking around and taking photos of other cosplayers and posing for photographers.

We also ran into some friends while we were there. Our friend’s over at Storied Threads were vending the show this year, so we stopped by to say hi to them. Also bumped into our friend Lara, who some might recognize from a few of the films I’ve shot with over the past couple of years. She’s pretty much the main source for my stage combat work these days. She was dressed up as Ms. Marvel, so her and Kate got together for a Ms/Captain Marvel photo mashup!

Ready to kick some intergalactic ass

Ready to kick some intergalactic ass

For me, the cosplay scene is what brings me the most enjoyment. Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite photos from the 2014 Boston Comic Con.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also did a photoshoot with Vander Photography. Super cool guy and an awesome photographer. Was stoked to work with him for a few minutes while at the Con. He’s currently editing those images now, but I’ll be sure to toss up a post showing off the work we did once he’s done. I’m excited for it.

I now have a few months to get ready for NYCC. I’m hoping to debut Winter Soldier by then. The metal arm is being done now. Maybe I’ll do a post on that when it’s all finished.

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    Good stuff. I particularly lied the T-shirts you were promoting! LOL!


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      Haha right? I didn’t even notice the t-shirts until I saw the pic later.


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