Character Teaser Vids for Korean ‘Three Musketeers’

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Finally have some pics and videos to share about the new Korean adaption of The Three Musketeers airing this year tvN.

The videos don’t show or tell much about the actual story and how Dumas’s book related to the Joseon Dynasty, but it does give you a little flavor for how they’re adapting the characters and what to expect in terms costuming.

First off we have Lee Jin-wook who plays Athos and is wearing a silly pilgrim hat. (EDIT: It’s actually a gat. Thanks to Danielle for the history lesson).

And here’s the character video for Jung Yong who plays Dal-hyang/d’Artagnan.

Nice work on adapting the costuming for the “musketeer” and the “country farm boy”, though Athos’s pilgrim hat is a little silly… It’s weird seeing a musketeer adaption that isn’t all leather all the time. And by weird I mean awesome.

But tvN really nailed the tone/attitude of each character in each video. Athos being bitter and brooding, and Dal-hyang/d’Artagnan being youthful, energetic, and hopefully.

From Dramabeans:

Okay, they don’t tell us anything and are far more style than substance, but with a title like that and a background story that’s as (in)famous as that of Crown Prince Sohyeon, who died a mysterious death that has spurred speculation throughout the centuries, I suppose we already get the gist. Action, fighting, royal intrigue, and probably loads of bromance! I mean we’re pretty much already sold, right?

Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy.

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