Coming Soon: ‘Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters’

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Last summer was the debut of Jake Hawking, Little Queen, and the crew of the Broad-Wing, but because they were short single issue stories, I released them as eBooks only. There seemed little point in publishing a 30 page short story as a paperback. As good as the stories may be, the price wouldn’t equal what folks would be getting. If I have to charge folks a novella price, they should get a novella worth of content.

Of course, not everyone has a Kindle or likes reading online. Some folks still enjoy owning actual books.  Main reason I moved to eBooks is because my apartment can’t fit anymore physical book copies anymore…

So I’ve put the first three Jake Hawking Short Adventures into an omnibus print edition, entitled Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters. Now swashbuckling lovers can read A Pirate’s HonorThe Royal Bounty Hunter, and Little Queen’s Gambit in one book and as a paperback. And yep, this edition will also be Kindle ready, too, for those who want all three stories in one file.

Now, if you already own all three Hawking short stories, don’t worry. I’m also including four pieces of bonus material into the collection, so even folks who already have read the Hawking stories can still get something out of it.

Bonus material includes:

– Forward about how Jake Hawking & Little Queen came to be

– Two piratical poems (The Duel and The Throes of Providence) because swashbuckling tales shouldn’t be limited to only prose

– One pirate flash fiction (An Ordinary Night in Tortuga)

– One historical adventure short story (Ye Be Oak, True as Oak — previously published in the Writer’s Cafe 2006 Anthology)

There’s a little something for every pirate lover in Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters.

If you’re interested in getting an advance copy of the collection, contact me and we can talk. Stay tune for more info about this short story collection, and for the cover reveal in the upcoming weeks!

Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters is due out April 2014.

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