COMING SOON: ‘The Royal Bounty Hunter’, plus full cover reveal!

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The Royal Bounty Hunter by J.M. Aucoin

Coming Early August 2013

Last week was a little taste and introduction to Captain Jake Hawking’s latest foe, the infamous pirate hunter, Captain Thomas E. Crowe.

Well now it’s time to reveal the cover for the short-story.

Like with A Pirate’s Honor, the cover was designed by good buddy & fellow hockey enthusiast Pete Simeti. He’s a comic artist and publisher/founder of Alterna Comics.

Here’s a little teaser for the story:

Privateer and pirate hunter, Captain Thomas Crowe, has been commissioned by the governor of Havana to hunt down and capture the cunning and deadly pirate, Captain Jake Hawking. Alas, Hawking isn’t an ordinary pirate and tracking the infamous rogue down hasn’t been easy for Crowe and his crew. But Crowe sees his fortune change when his ship the Bounty comes across a British naval captain, Captain James Thorpe, stranded on a small craft alone in the open Caribbean Ocean. Thorpe says he and his crew were attacked by Jake Hawking not far off and is certain the pirate is searching for his beached ship, just waiting to finish them off.

With a renewed feeling of duty and excitement, Crowe and his crew head for the island where the rest of Thorpe’s crew remain stranded. But when they get there they find danger lurking around every cove and inlet, and soon Crowe comes face to face with Jake Hawking himself.

The Royal Bounty Hunter is a short-story sitting at approximately 10,000 words and will be available August 5th via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for $0.99 for your Kindle devices and apps.

This is the second of three Jake Hawking adventures I’m putting out this summer. A Pirate’s Honor came out earlier this month and the third story, Little Queen’s Gambit, will come out in late-August. Each story is related to one another, but they’re very episodic, so if you happen to read them out of order or miss one, you won’t be lost.

At the end of the summer all three stories will be compiled together with a few bonus tales (and maybe swashbuckling poems) for a mini collection that will be available as an ebook and trade paperback.

What do you think of the cover for The Royal Bounty Hunter?

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