(Prac)Tactical Nightwing


I love Batman. But who doesn’t? One of my favorite characters from that universe is Nightwing. Inspired by the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, I decided to create a Nightwing cosplay that was less on the skintight spandex, and a little heavier with the armor. Here’s a post on how I made my (Prac)Tractical Nightwing… or Armored Nightwing.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the costume. I really should get around to doing a more formal photoshoot with it.

nightwing-a_light_in_the_dark_by_thetavernknight-JMAucoin-HandLightPainting Nightwing-nerdcaliber_firstpersonshooter_by_thetavernknight-JMAucoin prac_tactical_nightwing_and_injustice_harley_by_thetavernknight-JMAucoin


For more cosplay pics, visit my DeviantArt page.