Debuting the new J.M. Aucoin event banner!

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My first ever book signing event is a week an a half away, so I’m getting my ducks all in a row for that.

Included is purchasing a sweet standing banner to help capture passerbys’ eyes.


Darion, why!?

It’s funny, you see these things all the time with comic artists and cosplayers at ComicCon booths, but rarely ever see an author with one. Maybe because authors are pretty bad at self-promoting (and I’m not excluding myself from that list), but the most you’ll see at an author’s table is typically a tiny paper sign and poorly stacked books. But standing banners like this are great. More authors should use these at events when they can.

Also, I’m hoping people pretending to get shot by Darion becomes a thing. Let’s make it a thing. 🙂



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