Does this mean I’ve made it? A shout-out to yours truly

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Lady Gwendolyn by Magnolia BelleYesterday my writer-friend Magnolia Belle released her latest novel, Lady GwendolynA book she’s been working on for years and I’m glad is finally released for the world to see.

I met Belle on an online writer’s website years ago when I was fresh out of college. I was used to the workshop type atmosphere of writing a draft and letting people critique it, and this particular site provided that for a while (it got weird and I’ve since left). Anyways, we met there and Belle started writing a story that takes place in medieval England/Scotland. It was a fun story and, after we both left said site, she’d shoot me an email on occasion asking for thoughts on a particular fight scene and the like. I was more than happy to provide any expertise to her disposal.

So, of course, I picked the eBook up last night (I’ve been dying for this story to be finished since she started it back in like 2007ish) and was pleasantly surprised to see my name in the dedication section.

…Justin Aucoin – who helped keep the sword fights accurate.

Book dedication to J.M. Aucoin

Hey! I know that guy!

*Insert a pic of me doing Rene Rancourt fistpump*

You should all pick up a copy of the book. Belle is a great writer. Her scenes always transition fluidly and I’ve always found it hard to put the story down. From what I have already read of the book it’s also a nice mix of intrigue, action and romance. A great blend in the vein of classical historical fiction stories. Plus it’s only $4.99 on Kindle, so you’re getting a steal.

Story summary:

In early medieval days, bandits beset a caravan taking Lady Gwendolyn Hampton of England to marry Angus Dewar in Scotland. In the confusion, she escapes, while the bandits think her maid, Madeleine, is her. From one peril to another, Madeleine must keep the ruse in order to stay alive. Lady Gwendolyn’s brother, Lord Richard Hampton, wants Madeleine as his consort, and tries to rescue her. Through betrayal, intrigue and murder, she becomes a woman of title, and must decide if she wants the life he offers.

Here’s the book trailer she’s put together as well.

Congrats to Belle and thanks for the shout-out in the dedication. I hope everyone enjoys the book!

J.M. Aucoin

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    • Justin


      Hahaha that’s fair, Jack. No pressure on Belle… or me, I guess. 🙂


  • guinnessgirl39


    On your fine recommendation I have purchased the book! It looks great and I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done!


    • Justin


      Fantastic. Definitely do!


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