Early Look: Marc Warren as Comte de Rochefort for BBC’s ‘Musketeers’

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The second season of BBC’s action-drama The Musketeers is currently being filmed. And with Milady on the run and Cardinal Richelieu somewhat indisposed with being the Doctor and all (still no idea how they’ll write the Cardinal out of season two… or do they recast?), they’re bringing in a new nemesis — Comte de Rochefort.

Personally, I’m stoked to see d’Artagnan’s arch rival appear in the series. It was one bit I wished they included in Season 1, but seeing what they did with it, it makes sense that they’d hold off until Season 2. Anyways, the BBC has released a couple pics of the latest rendition of the Comte de Rochefort.

First image we saw had Rochefort looking a little rough around the edges.


But yesterday BBC released images of a slightly more dashing brand of rogue.


Personally, I prefer the former, but to each their own, eh?

And for those in despair that Rochefort doesn’t have an eye patch… well… he didn’t in the books. He was described as being “around forty or forty-five, fair with a scar across his cheek.” “Fair” is pretty ambiguous, but I always took it to mean blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin… in that definition, Warren is spot on. He’s lacking the scar, but perhaps d’Artagnan has that for him in season two. The dark hair and eye patch that is so closely related to Rochefort was started by the amazing Christopher Lee in The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers, and just replicated by nearly every other adaption of The Three Musketeers thereafter. And I know that this TV show was only kinda shown an image of the book when it hit production, but the production team sometimes gets things right… at least when it comes to characterization.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Rochefort. As I said, so far the BBC has kept the spirit of the Musketeer characters pretty true to the book, so I’m expecting more of the same when it comes to Rochefort. Only time will tell, however.

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  • Crispinhj


    I think the BBC completely miss the point – the first series was great because it was good old fashioned swash and buckle. This series spends far too much time on intrigue and life in the court. Let’s get rid of the king and Rochefort and get on with the things that matter! Mind you it gives you a chance to go to the loo or make a cup of tea when the tediuos twosome are on the screen


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