Feeling like homework is always due…

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Essentially, being a writer feels like you always have homework due tomorrow.

keep-calm-and-do-your-homework-262Boy, does it. Lately I feel like not only do I have homework due tomorrow, but I missed a few assignments in the past month. There’s so much I want to do and accomplish professionally, but silly things like the day job get in the way.

I’m partially through a revising a full-length historical adventure novel. I need to put the Hawking short-stories in B&N for Nook readers. I have ideas for a full-length Hawking novel, too, plus I want to try to turn some of his adventures into comics, perhaps. There’s another Hawking project on the burner that’s taking up time, but in very much a good way and excited to see happen.

Days of Y’Orr is back in full swing, but haven’t been able to give that my usual attention so far (I blame their schedule conflicting with my own). Plus my hobbies (I don’t consider DOY and my writing hobbies, really) that I wish I had more time for as well. So much to do; so little time. Meanwhile I’m trying to make a conscious effort to enjoy the ride as well. Be focused but not too tunnel visioned…

writeThis would all be so much easier if all those projects paid the bills, of course. Perhaps one day. 🙂

So what’s next?

Well, finishing editing the historical adventure novel, tentatively titled HONOR AMONGST THIEVES. It’s about 120,000 words at the moment and I’m only on the second chapter in terms of revising. I’m hoping to get that finished and out to the public by early-2014. I’ll continue to work on the secret Hawking project, while prepping the short-stories for the Nook when I’m feeling a little less creative and more business like. I should probably put that hat back on again soon anyways. And when I find myself in a writing rut, I’ll work on those potential Hawking comic scripts and planning his first full-length novel.

And I want to update the layout of this site into more of a hub for all the myriad projects I’m working on…

…So much to do…

And we’ve come full circle.

OK. Enough talking about it. Back to work. Homework is due tomorrow.

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