Fighty & BBQ Party Recap

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This weekend was pretty pack full of swordsmanship/fencing events. Two fencing-related parties and a fairly local fencing event. Alas, I don’t have a car, not had a ride, so I wasn’t able to go any of those. A huge bummer as I was really hoping to get some fencing in.

However, some of my stage combat friends also decided that Saturday May 17th was a perfect day to do some swordplay. So up to Salem Kate & I went for an afternoon of improvised fight choreography. Long swords, rapiers, daggers, spears, axes, quarterstaffs… you name it, we probably used it to pretend to do mean, nasty physical harm to each other. You’ll probably recognize a few faces from other projects I’ve done.

The video up above is a quick segment of moves myself and Robert Isaacson (fight choreography, friend, and the one of the two main fellows who trained me in the art of staged violence) put together. He went with rapier and dagger, and I took out case of rapiers. Spent a few minutes coming up with some moves and then worked through it from the beginning. Kate snagged some video of ours as we worked on it.

Here are some photos from the rest of the fight session.

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My friend’s parties are fun and never dull.

Then, not stage combat related, but still quasi-related… Kate and I gave archery a go on Sunday. We both had a lot of fun. My form is a little off, but my grouping wasn’t too bad.

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