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Sorry for not posting much lately, but life’s been busy. Some good, some bad. We’ll concentrate on the good in this post though.

I just got notes back from my editor for Honor Among Thieves, the first book in the Hope & Steel series. I’ll be going through that over the next couple of weeks, making alternations and edits as needed. For those wondering, it’s a 17th Century swashbuckler during the reign of King Henry IV of France. In terms of tone and themes, it’s Captain Alatriste meets The Three Musketeers.

Excited yet?

The book cover is basically done, too, and has been for a while. I just need to write up a catchy back blurb so it can be finalized. I should bang that out relatively soon, so I can start teasing you all with the amazing artwork by my buddy Graham Sternberg. Holy smokes is it gorgeous.

Then it’s formatting, formatting, formatting.

With any luck Honor Among Thieves will be out late-Spring/early-Summer. Of course, I was planning on this being out already but finding the right editor took much longer than I thought.

Live and learn.

While Honor Among Thieves was with the editor, I started a standalone novel. Another pirate tale tentatively titled Marooned! The Life & Adventures of the Earl of Aves Island. I thought it would be about an 80K word story, but I’m already at 30K and not where I thought I’d be, so me’thinks this will be a bit longer than I expected. That’s fine. A story is as long as it has to be!

Also started some world building for a potential fantasy series. No real idea when that project will hit the front burner, but it’s fun to world build when all other creative avenues are slow or stalling. Keeps me sane.

In the costume front, I recently finished up my spur leathers.

No cavalier outfit is truly done without a pair. A fencing-blacksmith friend is going to try to whip up some spurs for me, too.

I also had a few birthday parties this weekend and both involved swords. On Saturday there was games and pizza and hard cider and dueling with training foils that beep.


En garde!


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We’re adults, I swear.

On Sunday, we had a little stage combat fun. Here’s video I snagged of birthday boy Rob and my fiancee Kate showing off their rapier sequence they wrote and practiced in about 10 minutes.

10 Minute Rapier SequenceHad a couple of friends’ birthday parties this weekend and both, unsurprisingly, involved swords.Here’s birthday boy Rob and my fiancée Kate going through their rapier sequence they wrote and practiced in only 10 minutes.”10 Minute Sword Fights” sounds like a good book title.

Posted by J.M. Aucoin on Monday, April 27, 2015

In case Facebook video isn’t embedding the video properly, you can view it here on my public Facebook page.

This weekend I also have to make an important speech for a dear friend who’s getting an important fencing award. I’m honored to be the one that gets to speak for him and also a tad nervous. I’m a much better writer than speaker, but I’ll make do and it’ll be great. Looking forward to it.


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