In which our author goes to NYC and gets engaged… with a dagger

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met-rapiersLast Wednesday, Kate and I took off to NYC for a long weekend of fun, adventure, and nerding out, while Rex went to my parent’s place for a little dogcation. Wednesday was basically just us getting there and settling in. I swear it takes four hours to get from Boston to NYC and then another four hours for the bus to maneuver through NYC to Penn Station to drop us off.

Also, no cabbie would drive us to our hotel which was… something.


Anyways, on Thursday we decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum to check out the Arms and Armory section and whatever else they had in store. We had gone and checked it out once before several years back, but this time we came armed with a camera. I took over 100 photos of all the swords, guns, shields, daggers, swords and armor, and then another 80+ pics of European artwork,

It was a lot of fun. I was basically drooling over the rapier section and the firearms. My love for black powder guns, especially wheelocks, is almost never ending. It was really cool to see the design and craftsmanship a lot of those weapons had in them. Also made me wonder how much they cost in relation to today’s money. A small fortune for some of them anyways.


They also had a couple of buff coats on display which is great for me since I’m in the midst of making one myself for SCA fencing. The thickness of the ones at the Met aren’t too bad, making me think they’re probably more “officer weight” and for show than anything else. They’re also sleeveless which makes me feel better about making my first buff coat sleeveless. I say first one because there will be me, of course.

We also hit up the European Art section. It was more of a historical costume recon mission for me than to admire the craftsmanship, though we did plenty of that. We also were drooling over the in tact rooms completely furnished. So pretty. This all counts as a business expense, yes?

And while I’m sure you’re all excited to hear about the trip to the Met, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with the headline. Well… Kate and I got engaged.


A Kate with a dagger is a happy Kate

After the Met we took a stroll through Central Park (like you do). We stopped by one of the ponds and sat on a rock. I attempted to wax poetically only to be reminded that I’m a better writer than speaker, and then pulled out a piece of velvet cloth tied in a blue ribbon. Inside: a Starfire dagger. I proposed and she said yes. Hooray for Zoidberg! Hooray for me!

Why a dagger you ask? Well, Kate’s not really the jewelry type and it’s a little hark back to when we first met at a Intro to Swashbuckling stage combat class almost seven years ago. She was my first fight partner and has since become my best friend and my second brain when working on projects — be they writing, costuming, or otherwise. I knew she’d appreciate the dagger more than a sparkling ring.

My original plan was to propose at the Met itself but that was obviously a bad idea when I realized how busy that place can get on a Thursday afternoon. I figure pulling a dagger out on your girlfriend in a crowded museum wouldn’t look good to security or the police, so I opted for Plan B.

No, Officer, I was just proposing to her.

At knife point sir?

Hmmm… I see your point (no pun intended)

NYCCThe rest of the weekend was spent at NYCC. I went as Edward Kenway from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag game and Kate went as a Swashbuckling version of Captain Marvel.

We had a blast, took plenty of fun pics with other people in costume, hung out with friends who also went down, and all around had a good time. My feet, however, are ecstatic to be sitting behind a desk again.

So that’s the big news from me. The Jake Hawking short-stories are doing pretty well, especially now with Amazon’s new sub-genres for Historical Fiction. Now that vacation is over it’s back to working on my first full-length swashbuckling novel, prepping A Pirate’s Honor for the Nook, and working on another exciting Jake Hawking project that I can’t really talk much about at the moment.

I know, I know…. I’m being a dick for teasing you all thusly, but suspense.


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