J.M. Aucoin visits Arisia this weekend!

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Happy to announce that I’ll be signing and selling my books all weekend at Arisia once again this year. Per usual, I’ll be splitting a table with my fellow author and friend, Michael Bailey.

Arisia is a volunteer-run convention that covers all aspects of science fiction and fantasy literature and media. It’s also one of the largest and oldest fantasy/sci-fi cons in New England. Tickets are still available on site or ahead of time through the con’s website.

This year we’ll be in the vendor area instead of the hallway (hooray!), so come look for us and say hello. We had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones last year, so we’re excited to be back again this year.

I’ll have copies of Honor Among Thieves and Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters with me.

My fellow Boston-area SCA fencers will also be at Arisia. They’re slated to do another rapier fighting demo on Saturday at 10:30am. If you’re looking for some exciting swordplay to watch or learn how you can become a swordsman or swordswomen like the rest of us, swing by!

You can find the rest of the schedule here.

10:30am Saturday

En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo – Fan Interest, Demonstration – 1hr – Grand A (1W)
Ever wish you could duel like the Three Musketeers, swashbuckle like a pirate, or fight in a tavern brawl? Fencers from Barony of Carolingia — Boston’s local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) group — will demonstrate 16th & 17th Century rapier techniques. Spectators will experience the duel and group melees up close, and see how historical sword fights differ from the world of Hollywood adventure.
Meg Swanton (m)

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