King Richard III burial site goes all matryoshka doll

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"A coffin inside another coffin!?" *begins to scribble furiously*

“A coffin inside another coffin!?”
*begins to scribble furiously*

While digging through the King Richard III burial site, excavators found a coffin buried sometime in the 13th or 14 century, more than 100 years before ol’ King Dick Part 3 was put under ground, And what was in that coffin, you ask?

Another coffin!

Queue M. Night Shyamalan.

From Live Science:

“The inner coffin is likely to contain a high-status burial — though we don’t currently know who it contains,” a  University of Leicester memo said. Archaeologists think the coffin might contain one of the Grey Friars’ founders or a medieval knight.

Or, you know, another coffin.

Actual photo from the Richard III burial site... except not really.

Actual photo from the Richard III burial site… except not really.

“None of us in the team have ever seen a lead coffin within a stone coffin before,” archaeologist Mathew Morris, the Grey Friars site director, said in a statement. “We will now need to work out how to open it safely, as we don’t want to damage the contents when we are opening the lid.”

Dude, seriously. It’s just going to be another coffin. It’s the medieval England’s version of the Russian nesting doll.

The archaeologists suspect the grave may belong to one of Grey Friar’s founders: Peter Swynsfeld, who died in 1272, or William of Nottingham, who died in 1330. Records also suggest “a knight called Mutton, sometime mayor of Leicester,” was buried at the site. This name may refer to the 14th-century knight Sir William de Moton of Peckleton, who died between 1356 and 1362, the researchers say.

*snickers* Sir Mutton…

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