Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the medieval open world RPG we’ve been waiting for

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Sharpen your swords and fill your quiver, there’s a brand new medieval RPG on the horizon and it looks like serious fun.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a self-described “realistic open world” first-person adventure RPG that takes place in early-15th Century. Warhorse, the game’s studio, says

The game’s synopsis:

A humble, young blacksmith loses everything to war. As he tries to fulfill the dying wish of his father, Fate drags him into the thick of a conspiracy to save a kidnapped king and stop a bloody conflict. You will wander the world, fighting as a knight, lurking in the shadows as a rogue, or using the bard’s charm to persuade people to your cause. You will dive deep into a sweeping, epic, nonlinear story from Daniel Vávra, an award-winning designer from the Mafia series. Our unique, first-person combat system lets you wield sword or bow in both one-on-one skirmishes and large-scale battles. All of this – and more – brought to life beautifully with next-gen visuals delivered via CryEngine 3.


Sounds a bit like Skyrim but minus all the magic, which for hardcore history fans/gamers, is definitely a plus. In fact, Warhorse says their inspirations include “the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount and Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat mechanics of Dark Souls.”

Holy smokes.

Players can choose from three “classes” — Warrior, Bard or Thief — perk/skill trees, and a vast array of customization to your character’s look (including up to 4 layers of clothing and armor in 16 available slots). They’re also really trying to ramp up the realism as your character will need food and sleep to stay healthy, and food will go bad if you don’t eat it in the proper allotted time. Pretty intense.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Mass Battle Siege

The branch dialogue is also set on a limited timer, so you’ll have to think on your feet. The studio promises the dialogue portion of the game is just as important and challenging as the combat, so prepare to sharpen your wit as well as your sword.

The graphics look amazing and it looks like the developers did their homework in terms of arms, armor, clothing and other period items. Warhorse also says it consulted modern historical fencing/swordmasters to make their sword combat accurate and realistic to the time. As a historical fencer myself, I really appreciate that level of detail and dedication.

The game also will include one-on-one duels, small skirmishes, and large battles, all surrounding historical events.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is currently out as in Tech Alpha stage and will be available commercially sometime this summer.

There’s so much more to talk about this game it’s so involved. Be sure to check out the game’s website for more info on the RPG & combat mechanics, weapons, the history, quests and more.

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