Last chance to get the Jake Hawking Adventures on non-Amazon platforms

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A couple of months ago I canceled my Amazon Kindle Select enrollment, so I could put my Hawking short-stories on B&N and Swashwords. Why? Well, not everyone uses Kindle and I wanted to give non-Kindle readers a chance to get the stories in their preferred format.

Alas, after a few months of this experiment, it’s proven not to be worth it. The sales aren’t great on those sites, and I know I’ve made a few sales that B&N didn’t recognize, meaning I got hosed out of royalty. Not cool. Also add into the equation that I get more of a sales uptick from doing promos via Kindle Select than what I’ve done in the three months on B&N and Smashwords combine and, well, you can see the situation.

So I’m taking the Hawking stories off of those sites and re-enrolling with Kindle Select. Maybe I’ll give B&N and Smashwords a try again the future if the market changes or some new developments appear, but right now it’s better to be just on Amazon. I wish that wasn’t the case, as I hate monopolies, but c’est la vie!

Sometime next week I’ll be taking the Hawking short adventures off of B&N and Smashwords. So if you have a Nook or iReader or another eReader platform, you have just a few more days to pick up a copy before they’re gone.

My Barnes & Noble Page

My Smashwords Page

Note: All the stories will still be available via Amazon.


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