Leaked footage of ‘1666: Amsterdam’ game dark & intriguing

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Here’s some leaked in-game footage of the in-development video game, 1666: Amsterdam.

First thing my fiancee and I thought when we saw this was “Wow, this looks a lot like Assassin’s Creed” but, y’know, with manipulating animals to murder innocent civilians of Amsterdam (definitely a no-no in the AC franchise). The director of the game actually worked on AC games, so it’s not too surprising, really.

Promotional image for 1666: Amsterdam video game

The main character has a bit of a Solomon Kane look going for him, which I dig from an aesthetic look. It’s amusing that you’re basically playing a wizard villain… at least, that’s what it seems. We don’t get any info on plot based off this video other than“be worse than the devil.”

It may be all for naught since the game has no current plans for release. That said, never say never. The game rights have been sold to Ubisoft (the fine folks who make Assassin’s Creed). So I’m pretty excited about the prospect.

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