Man at Arms: The Making of Jon Snow’s Sword Longclaw

J.M. Aucoin . Fencing 2001

I love these videos. Tony Swatton does amazing word and it’s a lot of fun to see how modern blacksmiths make these beautiful weapons. Most recently, Tony and his team made Jon Snow’s sword Longclaw from Game of Thrones. Beautiful work. Always impressive.

Know what’s not impressive?

Shattering glass objects with a sword. Know what shatters glass objects? Pretty much anything stronger than a NERF bat. You made this awesome cutting weapon. Let’s see some cutting action. Fruits are fine, those beach mats/cutting mats, or maybe even a pig carcass if they’re feeling a little frisky. But shattering glass isn’t all that exciting when you’re wielding a sword.

Now, if the sword could cut glass, then we’re in business.


J.M. Aucoin

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