New Release: ‘Honor Among Thieves’ now available!

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Honor Among Thieves book cover

Available in Paperback & Kindle

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a huge fan of swashbucklers like The Three Musketeers. The idea of righting wrongs and changing the course of history with nothing but a sword and courage enthralled me.

Still does.

HONOR AMONG THIEVES is my contribution to the historical adventure genre. I wanted to mix the high adventure of Dumas’ Musketeers with the realism of Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s Captain Alatriste series. Be prepared for political intrigue, sword and pistol fights, dashing rogues, and mysterious characters conspiring in the shadows.

And don’t let the swashbuckling genre tag fool you. A ton of research went into weaving this fictional tale with historical events and figures.

So I present to you, my fellow adventurers, Honor Among Thieves. I hope it entertains and delights you from start to finish. Drop me a line on Facebook, Twitter, or email to let me know what you think. And, of course, reviews on Amazon and GoodReads are always appreciated!

Honor Among Thieves is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

–J.M. Aucoin

All we have is hope and steel…

About Honor Among Thieves

France, March 1609. The French Wars of Religion are over, but forces still conspire against the crown…

Darion Delerue, former soldier turned highwayman, has only two things of value—the hope in his heart and the steel at his side. After a heist on a royal ambassador goes wrong, Darion is thrown into a political plot to undermine the crown, pitting his old life as an honorable soldier against his new life as a thief and bandit. His actions could send France back into civil war.

Honor Among Thieves is inspired by the high adventure of The Three Musketeers and the gritty swashbuckling of the Captain Alatriste series. J.M. Aucoin weaves a gripping tale of daring sword-play and political intrigue, with superb historical detail of 17th Century France that’ll have readers wanting to draw their rapiers and fight for glory!

J.M. Aucoin

Author. Fencer. Sometimes actor. Full-time nerd. I write swashbucklers & historical adventure novels.

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