New trailer for 16th century drama ‘Ignacio de Loyola’

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JesCom just dropped a new trailer for it’s 16th century drama, IGNACIO DE LOYOLA. The movie follows Íñigo López de Loyola, who was a Spanish knight, nobleman, and soldier until he was injured during war against the French-Navarrese army. His recovery led him to religion where he founded the Order of the Jesuits and eventually was given sainthood.

Ignacio de Loyola stillHere’s the movie’s synopsis from JesCom:

A modern and very human take on the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often called ‘The Saint of Second Chances.’

As a brash, hot-headed soldier in a time of political upheaval in Spain, the young Iñigo went from living a life of brutal violence and debauchery, to becoming one of the greatest saints in the history of the Church.

This film chronicles Iñigo’s torturous struggle to turn from darkness to light—a struggle that nearly destroyed him, but also gave him the key to a spiritual weapon that continues to save lives to this very day.

Produced by Jesuit Communications Philippines (JesCom), IGNACIO DE LOYOLA was shot on location over two months in the northern regions of Spain.

I’m interested to see how “action” oriented the movie will be. Obviously there’ll be some war and fighting, as shown in the trailer, but since he gets injured at thirty and he’s best known for his religious work,  I assume it’s not prevalent. However, JesCom promises the movie shows the “trials, errors, and lessons of his eventful life” so it looks like it’ll be an interesting look at history just the same.

IGNACIO DE LOYOLA is currently slated to be released in June 2016.

Ignacio de Loyola stillBE PART OF HISTORY

JesCom still needs help with the considerable funding needed for the post-production, CGI, and musical scoring on the film. If you want to help bring IGNACIO DE LOYOLA to the big screen, please go to­elp.

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