New trailer for ‘The Pirates’ (2014)

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Saw promo photos for this new Korean pirate movie called The Pirates that’s due out this year and had to track down the trailer. Above is all I could find video wise, and not finding a ton text wise on the movie either.

The synopsis:

Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, a group led by a female pirate and another group led by a male bandit are on a mission to hunt down a whale that swallowed the royal seal bestowed on Joseon from China.

Gonna assume this won’t be widely released in the US, though apparently it’s been “presold” to North America distribution companies via Cannes. If it’s not in your area maybe we’ll get lucky and find it on DVD in the future.


Overseas buyers saw the movie through an English version of the trailer and said, “Despite the fact that it was a short video, expectations depend on the great GC quality, scale and action scenes”. “There have been many Korean blockbuster on the Cannes Market but this is the most entertaining and has great potential to appeal to the public”.

Will have to keep an eye out for more of this.

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  • Nan Sampson


    Justin – thanks for the head’s up. It looks pretty cool. This might possibly get released by Wellgo, a distributor of Asian films. I’ll have one of my merchandisers check with our rep there (I work for a company that sells DVDs & Blu-rays) and see if they’ve heard anything yet. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything one way or another.


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