No Wonder it Takes George R.R. Martin Forever to Publish A Novel…

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The dude is rocking a DOS computer. DOS. I was just losing my baby teeth when DOS was a thing. George R.R. Martin probably has the entire A Song of Fire & Ice series finished. His poor assistant is just spending arduous months trying to figure out how to convert whatever file that Wordstar 4.0 software saves files as into a more modern .DOC file type. Or she’s re-typing everything into Word.


Better hope that doesn’t crash.

But if it works, it works.

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  • Nan Sampson


    OMG. But yeah, whatever works, works. I have a friend who is a novelist who still uses an old Underwood typewriter and a fountain pen. And his poor assistant (read:wife) has to then retype it all into Word. But he’s a bloody great writer.


    • J.M. Aucoin


      That’s amazing. I love it. Poor wife, though! What a soldier she is. 🙂

      Can’t argue too much with results, though. I’m sure there are ton of fun/weird/quirky writing habits a lot folks have.


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