The Jake Hawking Adventures

The Caribbean. 1715.

Jake Hawking — pirate, rogue, and scourge of the Spanish Main —  is known for his quick blade and cunning wit. It’s earned him some friends in the Caribbean, but it’s also earned him his fair share of enemies. With the giant ex-slave Little Queen and the rest his crew aboard the snow-brig Broad-Wing, they sail the West Indies looking for treasure and adventure, daring to challenge the authorities of sovereign nations, and sailing wherever the winds command.

Inspired by the swashbuckler tales of the early 1900s as well as the likes of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks, the Jake Hawking Adventures promise to thrill readers with swordplay, daring, intrigue, and plenty of high adventure.

Short Adventures

These are short swashbuckling adventure stories, perfect for folks looking for a fun and fast read with plenty of action, suspense, and twists. Click the cover to learn more about the stories and how to pick up a copy.

Each story is available for Kindle devices, apps, and cloud readers.

A Pirates Honor Jake Hawking Cover

The Royal Bounty Hunter by J.M. Aucoin

Little Queen William Brown










Adventure Collections

These are short-story collections of Jake Hawking and his adventures. Click the cover to learn more about the book.