‘Little Queen’s Gambit’: A Jake Hawking Short Adventure

“Easily my favorite of the three Hawking short stories published so far, LQG has plenty of action – carousing, drinking, arm wrestling, and a bunch of swashbuckling combat. The character of Little Queen was already a “fan favorite” from A Pirate’s Honor and The Royal Bounty Hunter, but she becomes a fully-realized character here, and I think she’s easily as interesting as – if not more so than – Hawking himself.” —Jack Badelaire, Post-Modern Pulp Blog

Little Queen William Brown

Overview: After a close encounter with the infamous pirate hunter Thomas Crowe at Aves Island, Captain Jake Hawking and his crew of the Broad-Wing take refuge in the pirate haven of Tortuga to unwind and spend some of the gold burning holes in their pockets.

While Little Queen conquers foe after foe in arm wrestling, Captain Jake Hawking meets a mysterious French woman who intoxicates Hawking with her presence and is in dire need of Hawking’s help. But when things go horribly wrong, it’s up to the Barbadian ex-slave, Little Queen, to lead her fellow crewmates of the Broad-Wing and save the captain before it’s too late.

Little Queen’s Gambit is a short-story standing at about 10,000 words.


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