Now Available: East India Company & Dutch India Company shirts

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Two new designs have debuted in The Swashbuckling Shoppe — the East India Trading Company and the Dutch East India Trading Company. Both are perfect for that nautical history fan in your life.

East India Company & Dutch East India Company t-shirts

Available in the Swashbuckling Shoppe!

The East India Company design features the three crosses meeting at the center with the initial EICo around it. The Dutch East India Company has the initials VOC which stands for Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie. Both designs are part of the new Pirate/Nautical line of the Swashbuckling Shoppe and are available in men’s and women’s t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies, as well as accessories like bags, pillows, notebooks and cellphone/tablet cases.

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East India Trading Company Dutch East India Company

The East India Company (EIC), also known as the Honourable East India Company and informally as John Company was an English and later British joint-stock company, formed to pursue trade with the East Indies, but which ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent and Qing China.

The United East Indian Company, referred to by the British as the Dutch East India Company, was originally established as a chartered company in 1602, when the Dutch government granted it a 21-year monopoly on Dutch spice trade. It is often considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world and it was the first company to issue stock. It was a powerful company, possessing quasi-governmental powers, including the ability to wage war, imprison and execute convicts, negotiate treaties, strike its own coins, and establish colonies.

The Swashbuckling Shoppe also includes Three Musketeers-inspired designs, official t-shirts for the Hope & Steel series, and nerd culture.

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