October Event: J.M. Aucoin book signing at Connecticut Renaissance Faire

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October is going to be another month of firsts for me. I’ll be doing my first book signing ever and it’ll take place at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire on Columbus Day, Monday October 12th from 1-3pm.

ctrf-authorsI’ll have copies of Honor Among Thieves and Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters for sale, but I’ll already purchased books, plus anything else you got that seems fun and thematic. And, if all goes well, I’ll have some bookmarks for anyone who wants one, too. Fancy!

love CTRF. A lot of my acting friends work there, and I performed there for a year under the musical act Mortis & Murphy. It’s a great event and I’d recommend folks to hit it up even if I wasn’t doing a signing there.

Here’s the complete schedule for your planning pleasure:

  • Saturday, October 3: Erin Thorne (Losers and Their Friends; Deals Diabolical)
  • Sunday, October 4: Michael Bailey (Action Figures series)
  • Saturday, October 10: R.A. Salvatore (the Drizzt Do’Urden novels)
  • Sunday, October 11: E.A. Rappaport (the Legends of the Four Races series)
  • Monday, October 12: J.M. Aucoin (Honor Among Thieves; the Jake Hawking series)
  • Saturday, October 17: A.L. Davroe (the Tricksters series)
  • Saturday, October 24: Deborah Ann Davis (the Love of Fairs series)

Check out the CTRF authors series page for updates.

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