Once Zorro, always Zorro…

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Zorro costume

Zorro and… Bernardo???

My father just pulled this beautiful picture out of the vault, among a few other amusing pictures of me and my brothers as kids. Spoiler alert: There’s one of me wearing a bucket on my head…

Anyways, he dug up this picture of me and my brother Sean on Halloween. Not sure how old we were in this photo but not much has changed over the years. Sean is still a clown and I’m still running around dressed as Zorro. Only difference is I have better boots and weapons now. I also found Zorro wine. And Sean? There’s a good possibility he still stuff binkis in his mouth. Who knows. 🙂

Seriously, my bio should make a lot more sense now. No joking on the whole Zorro fandom bit. This is great timing because Kate and I have been going through Season II of Walt Disney’s Zorro. So good. Not sure anyone can play a better Zorro than Guy Williams. I’m also, finally, getting to a collection of Zorro short-stories. So Zorro has been everywhere for me recently.

Zorro cosplay

Who wore it best? Little Justin or “Adult” Justin?

A few years ago I decided to go put or Halloween as Zorro again. Don the cape and mask once more. Kate told me to do a side-by-side picture for fun.

They should make a Zorro video game in the Assassin’s Creed style. That’d be awesome. Think about it UbiSoft.

In the writing news, I just finished up a second short-story that’ll be released this summer as both a single and part of a small collection. I just sent it off to the beta-readers, so we’ll see what they think. There’s one or two parts that I think might need a little cleaning up, but I’ll see what the test readers think first. I always find their insight useful and amusing.

PS – Growing up is for suckers.

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  • Tom Johnson


    I never had such neat costumes, but I loved Zorro, and swashbuckling adventures all my life. I’ve had the opportunity to write several of Johnston McCulley’s characters in new stories, including The Whirlwind, a Zorro clone. Really enjoy your Blog.


    • Justin


      Oh nice. Where I can find those stories? Would love to check ’em out.

      And thanks! I’m lucky to have a talented girlfriend who can help me making some pretty decent garb. 🙂


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