ONLINE EVENT: J.M. Aucoin on Sword Talks, Oct 26th 5pm ET

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Hey everyone,

I’ve been following the new online sword-themed talk show Sword Talks for a little while now and they have graciously invited me to be a guest on one of their upcoming shows. So mark you calendar because I’ll be hitting the Internet’s set of tubes to talk fencing, swashbuckling movies, my writing and who knows what else on Saturday, October 26th from 5-6pm EST.

Here’s the YouTube page where you’ll be able to watch me live on your computer.

A little more about the show:

Sword Talks is a new place for real sword practitioners, blade-smiths, teachers, students, sword martial artists and all those who love the blade to come together to learn and interact. Every Saturday at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time we will offer a new live interview with one or a few of the worlds top sword experts. Traveling to museums, martial arts study groups and steel forges we will bring to you the best of the best in swords. We will learn together. We will share ideas and spread good teachings; unearth newly discovered artifacts and find out all we can regarding the past, present and yes even the future of the sword.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, too, for more sword goodness. And be sure to join me on the show and send in questions and comments with the hashtag #SwordTalks.


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