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I’m off to Pennsic tomorrow, for a week and a half of camping and fencing with some of my closest friends. It’ll be a blast and hopefully I won’t melt away.

But before I go I wanted to do a quick blog post.

First off, thank you all for making the debut of Honor Among Thieves a great one. I hope you all enjoy the book. And keep sending me pics of you with the book — be it paperback or ebook! I love seeing people enjoy the story like that.

Honor Among Thieves Kindle Unlimited HonorAmongThieves-bookpic HonorAmongThieves-bookpic2 HonorAmongThieves-bookpic3

All the Promotion

I’ve been pretty busy since the book’s release, doing guest blog posts, interviews, and getting reviews from adventure pulp and historical fiction bloggers.

Read up to learn more about the history behind Honor Among Thieves and to learn more about me.. if you dare. *insert ominous music*

Guest post: Outlaws & Order: Highwaymen in Early-17th Century France on Judith Starkston’s blog

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Interview: Q&A with Author J.M. Aucoin by Nan Sampson

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Interview: Release Day! Jack Interviews Swashbuckling Author of Honor Among Thieves ~ J.M. AUCOIN! by Katherine Bones

Interview: Author Interview – J.M. Aucoin Discusses “Honor Among Thieves” by Michael Bailey

Honor Among Thieves on PULP DEN

Review: Book Review: Honor Among Thieves by J.M. Aucoin by author/blogger Nan Sampson


T-Shirts, Hoodies & Tanks!

Also released the Hope & Steel rapier/fleur-de-lis logo as a clothing design, available on t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and more for men and women. Comes in the classic logo and a vintage distress design. All available on my Redbubble store.

Hope & Steel rapier logo t-shirts

All the Garb

I also made a ton of new cavalier garb so I have stuff to wear to Pennsic. I’ll post some pics of the things I made for myself and others when I get back and maybe have photos of myself wearing the new doublets and breeches, etc.

That’s all for now!

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