Recapping 2013

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This year was an exciting year for me.

Little Queen's Gambit blood splatter coverIt started with me deciding to jump into the world of self-publishing and sell my historical adventure/swashbuckling stories. I was a little cold at the idea at first, mostly because traditional publishing has been hammered into my head via school and the industry for years. But there wasn’t march of a market for my pirate stories in lit-mags. The historical magazines wanted something less adventure-y, and the adventure mags wanted something more contemporary. So the decision became easier.

Ended up publishing my first three Jake Hawking short stories. They’re doing well. A Pirate’s Honor, not surprisingly, selling the best (it’s also the first in the series, so that’s probably why). The Royal Bounty Hunter sales picked up in November and December, and I’m hoping Little Queen’s Gambit (my fav of the three) will see the same pick-up in early 2014.

In the process of learning the self-publish ropes, I met the talented Peter Simeti, who did the cover art for the three Hawking short stories. I actually met him in a local roller hockey league, proving that you can make great contacts (and friends) in the most random of places.

kate-engagement-daggerI also shot two movies over the summer — Essential Realism and Tattered Flag. They’re both due out in 2014 (woot!), so it’ll be great to see how they turn out. I’m also wearing the same outfit in each — because that’s sometime the way of low-budget films — but I swear I’m playing different characters! I also did voice work for the audio book version of Lady Gwendolyn that is still in post-production.

And eclipsing all that is I got engaged to my talented, amazing, awesome, beautiful, ass-kicking girlfriend Kate. We’ve been dating for seven years and looking for another seven-plus with her. Our dire-beagle, Rex, was also stoked about this development. Did a whole post on how the engagement went down, and the engagement dagger.


I expect next year to be just as exciting, if not more so, for me.

I turn 30 next month. I know this is supposed to be a big deal, but it feels like just another birthday for me. But I love celebrating birthdays, so partying will ensue with close friends and family.

I’m hoping to publish at least one full-length novel this year. I finished draft one of a 17C France adventure novel last year, but it needed a good amount of rewriting. I started that this past fall. It’s a bit slow as I try to make sure everything ties together nicely and there’s no plot holes, but hopefully it’ll get done this year.

dafoegearEach year I like to learn something new or try something new. This past year it was working with leather. Before that it was sewing in general, fencing, stage combat, acting… for 2014 I’ll be learning ice hockey. I’ve always been a big hockey fan — I run Days of Y’Orr — and have done years of street hockey and roller hockey, but never ice hockey. That changes in January. I’m joining a beginner’s  adult hockey league. And because I’m a crazy person, I’ll be giving goalie a shot. At a whopping 5’7(ish) I’ll be a tiny goalie, but it’s my fav position. Either way it’ll be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

And you never know what else life has in store as the year rolls around.

So a big thanks to everyone who have bought and read my work and follow this blog. And here’s to the next year!

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