Recapping the CTRF book signing!

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Yesterday I was at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire for my first book signing. I really had no idea what to expect. No idea how many books to bring or how many I’d sell.

It was nice being back at CTRF. A few years ago, I performed there, playing sea shanties and Irish folk. This time I returned to sell Honor Among Thieves and Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters. It was a perfect day out for a RenFaire. Sunny and warm. Not a cloud in the sky to threaten rain. I couldn’t ask for a better day, really.

We got there around 11:30ish and strolled around to see the layout of the show. We were situated next to the Pope’s Pulpit and the Tudor Stage where Musical Macbeth played several times (damn theme song is stuck in my head now. Bah!). I was slated to go from 1-3pm, but was told I could set up early and stay until the end of the show. Sounded good to me.


First book signing. Achievement Unlocked!

As soon as I finished setting up a couple came over and bought a copy of Honor Among Thieves. Pretty cool and it was nice to get the first one out of the way.

I even got some celebrity endorsements! Like William Shakespeare.


The Bard himself approves of HONOR AMONG THIEVES. (Photo by Lauren Dubois)

The Bard himself approves of HONOR AMONG THIEVES. (Photo by Lauren Dubois)

Good patron of the arts Queen Elizabeth I!

Queen Elizabeth I from CTRF

Royal approval!

Even the Pope thinks swordsmen and adventure is a good book

excited animated GIF

C’mon, that pun is great. Fine, here’s the pic.

Pop CTRF 2015

His Holiness knows a good work of fiction when he sees one

And more!

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Jack Bold, Lord of Adventure, picked up a copy of Honor Among Thieves and did a dramatic reading of the back cover for me. I snagged video and will upload that later for all to enjoy. It’s a masterpiece. His brother Roger Awesome, uhhhh, looked awfully familiar for some reason.

Roger Awesome, Lords of Adveture


Can’t point out why, though.

My friend Lauren also took some photos of me at the booth for future partnerships with CTRF. She also convinced me to do some silly poses because — as a wise friend once said — we don’t cut funny.

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Writing is serious business. Super srs.

It was a great time. I ended up selling more at the show than I typically do a month — which isn’t anything overly impressive, but a sale is a sale, right? Hoping everyone enjoys their books! I’d love to go back to CTRF next year.

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