REVIEW: ‘Owned by the Ocean’ by Christine Steendam

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Owned by the Ocean is a free ebook by historical romance novelist Christine Steendam and a prequel to Heart Like an Ocean.

Owned by the Ocean - Christine Steendam

In this tale, we follow Brant Foxton, a young English nobleman with a life of wealth and privilege waiting for him after school. But Brant has no interest in his father’s plans. He feels the call of the ocean and wants nothing more but to become a sailor and work the waves for a living — just like his father did when he was younger.

He runs off, knowing his father will disown him, and joins a privateering crew based in the Caribbean. He works hard and through some twists and turns of fate, quickly rises in the ranks of the BlackFox. That’s when his ship comes across another vessel decimated by a pirate crew. Only two people survived the attack — a boy badly injured, and Catherine Marshall, a young noble woman that both intrigues and infuriates Brant.

As mentioned in other reviews, I’m not much for romance novels, however, I enjoyed Christine’s story. It’s a novella, so it was a quick read and fairly light in terms of tone. The characters had nice depth to them. The relationship between Brant and Catherine felt natural and genuine; albeit a bit predictable it’s a tried and true structure that works well for the romance genre but with a little twist. Speaking of the romance, I also enjoyed the atypical love triangle that forms between Brant, Catherine, and the ocean (it’s not nearly as weird as it sounds).

Recommended for folks who enjoy a little romance in their sea adventures and want something quick and light to read.


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