Russia’s coming out with a new Three Musketeer movie and it looks amazing

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Pirates are cool nowadays. So are the Three Musketeers. I mean, we all know this, but it’s nice to see the rest of the world get on our level. Anyways, Russia has produced a new Three Musketeer movie (Три мушкетера) and it looks like a gem.

This could easily be the greatest Three Musketeer movie of the past decade… not that I’ve set a very high bar there. It hasn’t been an amazing decade for the musketeers film wise. Looking at you, Steampunketeers.

But, seriously, who wants to fly to Russia with me to see this? It comes out tomorrow.


For more info, visit this page, but it’s all in Russian so go Google translate.

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  • Tom Johnson


    I already like it! You don’t even need a translation (LOL).


    • Justin


      Haha yep. One of those stories that the action speaks in volumes in itself. 🙂


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