SeaFall is the pirate board game for Risk fans

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Love Risk? Love pirates?

Now you can have both in the new board game, SeaFall. They’re board games designed to be played campaign-style, like your favorite RPG. It’s also a “legacy” board game, which means everything you do in a game session has permanent, cascading effect on future games. Pretty cool, eh?

SeaFall is a ‘Legacy’ board game designed by board game industry veteran Rob Daviau. Like the players who play them, Legacy games ‘remember’ what happen from game to game. Player choices have irreversible impact on the game world as the game board changes, cards are modified and sealed packs are opened revealing twists and turns in an epic storyline.”

It’s a pretty involved game, but the designers have made the rules available for free online, so you can get an idea of what it’s all about. You can pre-order it here.

Considering I love pirates, Risk and RPGs, I think this is a must-need for my board game collection.

SeaFall pirate board game preview

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