Sneak peek at Jake Hawking’s newest adversary — Captain Thomas Crowe

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Privateer, Captain Crowe hunts for pirate Jake Hawking

Captain Thomas E. Crowe is closing in on his quarry — Captain Jake Hawking.

As promised, here’s your first look at the next Jake Hawking adventure cover — The Royal Bounty Hunter. Or more specifically, Hawking’s newest enemy — the infamous privateer, Captain Thomas E. Crowe.

Crowe is one of the three bounty hunters hired by the Spanish to hunt Hawking and his crew down. Readers of A Pirate’s Honor got a little taste at that situation. Now Hawking and his crew get thrust into the middle of having to deal with some of the most dangerous privateers in the Caribbean. Crowe is hot on Hawking’s tail and won’t stop until he sees the pirate hanging from a gibbet. The Royal Bounty Hunter is also a little different in that we follow Crowe’s POV as he sails through the Caribbean in search of Hawking and the Broad-Wing.

Like with A Pirates Honor, this cover was drawn and designed by Pete Simeti. This is only part of the entire cover artwork. I’ll do the full cover reveal closer to the publish date.

The Royal Bounty Hunter is a short-story sitting at around 10,00 words and will be available via Kindle Direct Publishing in early August for $0.99.

Spread the word about A Pirate’s Honor with friends and family so everyone is caught up in time for the second installment of Hawking’s adventures.

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