Sneak peek at the first Jake Hawking adventure cover

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Jake Hawking, English pirate & swashbuckler, short-story cover

What adventures have those eyes seen? What adventures lay ahead?

I just got the finalized version of A Pirate’s Honor cover this evening. It’s absolutely amazing. I love it and want to have its kids. Seriously, though, it’s a great cover that really captures the essence of the story. I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ll do a post sometime later this week detailing more about A Pirate’s Honor and the plan for the infamous pirate and rogue known as Jake Hawking, but I wanted to give followers of the blog a sneak peek at a small portion of the cover. Whet your appetite and all that. So here it is!

The cover was drawn and designed by Pete Simeti. He’s an amazing comic artist and a friend of mine I met through a local roller hockey league. He’s doing all the covers for the first three Jake Hawking adventures.

A Pirate’s Honor is a short-story sitting at about 5,600 words. It will be available mid-July via Kindle Direct Publishing for $0.99.

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