Staying in Boston: ‘The Bad Date’ clip

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Last summer I shot a scene for the indie-webseries, Staying in Boston, where I had to play a really awful and creepy date known as Reach Around Guy (yeaaaaaa…). Watch the video above and it’ll all make sense.

Highlight of my career to play a poster-child for #YesAllWomen. My Mom must be so proud.

Joking aside, it was a fun shoot and always great to work with the gang over at Paracelus Films. This is the second project I’ve worked on with Paracelsus Films. I also played a “laser sword” wielding pirate in the sketch comedy flick How to Win the Internet.


About Staying in Boston
Staying in Boston is about Cecelia (“CC”), a Harvard grad living in Boston who leaves her stable job to pursue her passion of acting. She pays her bills by piecing together several odd (and often hilarious) jobs. Her best friend is Vivian, who was born in a suit and pumps and is very focused on her promising career in finance. But she has her own unique insecurities, as well as a wacky assistant who consistently feeds her silly advice. CC’s other good friend, Desh, is a fellow actor she met in her acting class. He doesn’t have a “regular” job, but mysteriously has a swank apartment in Back Bay. Each webisode is anchored by the voice of CC’s acting coach dispensing wisdom on acting, and on life in general, that relates to the subject matter of a particular episode. 

Staying in Boston is about pursing something you love, even if it isn’t the logical course of action. But it’s also about a love for the city of Boston and we want YOU to tell us just who your favorite people and places in Boston are.

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