‘The Musketeers’ to cross blades for a second season

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Good news for Musketeers and swashbucklers everywhere. BBC’s The Musketeers has bee approved for a second season, according to production company Czech Anglo Productions facebook page.


Wonder if they’ll get Peter Capaldi back or if he’ll be too busy with Doctor Who. The air dates of both shows are opposite ends of the calendar, so hopefully he’ll stick around. He’s a great Richelieu. Also means I can have hope that the Comte de Rochefort may make an appearance in the series after all. D’Artagnan needs his Rochefort.

For those interested, you can read more about my thoughts of the The Musketeers here.

Update: New videos teasing Season 2 and the cast talking about their characters in the new season have been released!

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  • GeneD5


    I believe that Capaldi won’t be in the next series/season of BBC America’s Musketeers, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless!


    • J.M. Aucoin


      I think you’re right since he’s got that whole Doctor Who gig going on. A bummer since he was amazing in the Musketeers, but I’m also looking forward to S2 just the same. I’m stoked that Rochefort is going to be in it finally.


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