‘The Royal Bounty Hunter’ Now Available!

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The Royal Bounty Hunter, the second of three new Jake Hawking adventure short-stories, is now available for purchase on Amazon for your Kindle devices and Kindle app. If you don’t have either but want to read it, you can use their free Cloud Reader program. Here’s a snippet from the beginning of the story:

Captain Thomas Crowe stood tall on the poop deck of his snow-brig, the Bounty. He gazed over the horizon with cool, steely eyes and smiled. He loved those types of days — the hot, Caribbean sun beating down upon his face, the sails billowing from a strong easterly wind, and the beautiful song of the sea rushing beneath his ship.

It was a perfect day for sailing.

A perfect day for hunting pirates.

And the rest of the story teaser to get a feel for the plot:

Privateer and pirate hunter, Captain Thomas Crowe, has been commissioned by the governor of Havana to hunt down and capture the cunning and deadly pirate, Captain Jake Hawking. Alas, Hawking isn’t an ordinary pirate and tracking the infamous rogue down hasn’t been easy for Crowe and his crew. But Crowe sees his fortune change when his ship, the Bounty, comes across a British naval captain, Captain James Thorpe, stranded on a small craft alone in the open Caribbean Ocean. Thorpe’s ship was attacked by Jake Hawking and beached on a deserted island not far off.

With a renewed feeling of duty and excitement, Crowe and his crew head for the island to rescue Thorpe’s crew. But when they arrive, they find danger lurking around every cove and inlet, and soon Crowe comes face to face with Jake Hawking himself.

THE ROYAL BOUNTY HUNTER is a short-story sitting at approximately 10,000 words.

Also, to celebrate the release of the latest Jake Hawking adventure, I’ve made A Pirate’s Honor free for the next three days (8/7 – 8/10). It’s already been picked up by Free eBooks Daily, so excited about meeting some new readers. So spread the word about both and let me know what you think of this latest adventure.

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