This is What Happens When 50 Fencing Novices Don’t Work as a Team

J.M. Aucoin . Fencing 1074

I saw this video a little while back and it’s making the rounds again. It’s three fencing masters fighting a hoard of 50 novices. i09 says it doesn’t go they way you probably expected…

…to me it did, just it took way too long.

This match should’ve ended in like 15 seconds tops. Alas, no one knew what the heck to do in that hoard of fifty. It was 50 individuals trying to fight way above their skill level instead of working as a team, a cohesive unit to off these three guys. Sure, the target was this small balloon on the chest and the masters were showing more back than in a Sir Mix-a-Lot video — so gaming the rules, in a way since that’s just a death wish if this was a real sword brawl in the streets — but there’s no reason it should’ve came down to two guys out of that 50 novices group. Unreal.

The moral of the story?

Teamwork. It saves lives.

…and, err…. ends them, too, I guess…



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