TRAILER: ‘A Tattered Flag’

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Last summer I shot a couple if indie movies in which I played a villainous pirate. One of them, A Tattered Flag, just released a trailer recently. I pop up at the 48 second mark, and again a little later.

In this film I play Left-Eye Barrigan.. My fiance Kate and I wrote the fight sequence for my showdown with one of the film’s main characters. It has a Captain Blood vs. Levasseur feel to it.

A little more about A Tattered Flag

Synopsis: In 1719, Anne Bonny and John “Calico Jack” Rackham, already having an illegal affair, decide to forgo the King’s Pardon (issued to all “people of fortune” who agreed to change their ways) and run away on the high seas together after stealing a famous sloop. They are joined by a crew that includes the fearless Mary Read, a former military woman disguised as a man. Their expedition for fortune catches the attention of Woodes Rogers, the new Governor of Nassau, who has been hanging pirates daily below the ramparts, and the eager privateers in his employ. In the meantime, a landlocked record-keeper, whose identity has for years centered around keeping her personal life a secret, begins writing the most important chronicle of her time.

Me as Left-Eye Brannigan

Me as Left-Eye Barrigan

Film Background: The film attempts an accurate portrayal of pirates, both as misunderstood ruffians and as savage ne’er-do-wells who made life terrifying for both honest people and the corrupt power structures. In addition, the film explores the possible (or impossible?) true identity of Captain Charles Johnson, author of the singular volume of factual pirate history in existence (and upon which most “facts” about the lives of pirates are based). The film also delves into and romanticizes what may have happened to Anne Bonny after her disappearance from the historical record.

For more information about the movie visit Lonely Banshee’s Facebook page.


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